Deep in groves of Douglas fir Dew-wet and glittering in the light of the morning sun The mechanical sounds of distant machines across the low valley The songbird pays no mind And sings of the lasting splendor of the world The playthings of men will rust in time But that ancient song of the wild... Continue Reading →


Meditation on Chaos

The world's  God is treacherous and full of unreason; a torturer, but also The only foundation and the only fountain. Who fights him eats his own flesh and perishes of hunger; who hides in the grave To escape him is dead; who enters the Indian Recession to escape him is dead; who falls in love... Continue Reading →


Along the trail's edge Etchings of a thousand footsteps seeping from the shadows The pathways of the graceful ones To and from the dark forest Long lost brothers and sisters We have fallen apart in time


Winter Morning

The dead grasses like a million golden fibers adorn the flood plain  The quiet repose of the young cottonwoods to sleep through the winter  Only the gentle drifting fog over the evergreen hills of fir and cedar And the meandering currents of the icy blue river In the cold winter morning it becomes easier to... Continue Reading →


For the Graceful One

In the distance the glittering sunlight off the dew soaked back  The rich amber coat in the morning sun  Her soft steps belie her quiet power  Columns of misty breath rise into the morning air The sun catches the blood in her flitting ears with a red glow Her eyes ever watchful The supple body... Continue Reading →



The cold night brought a crown of jewels for the dark forest Countless diamonds to adorn the tendrils of the earth A glittering splendor in the morning's glory But the sun alights upon the frozen forest for only a moment In the warmth of the first rays of dawn  The resplendent jewels of the icy... Continue Reading →


The Teachings of the Forest

"Empty your mind of all thoughts. / Let your heart be at peace. / Watch the turmoil of beings, / but contemplate their return." Laozi | Daodejing The life of the dark forest tells of a deep truth In the rushing torrent of the great river In the turning of the gray skies of autumn In the cold... Continue Reading →


Coyote’s Requiem

Delicately folded by the wayside  As if in the quiet repose of slumber The fur still damp from the evening rains  The fierce eyes closed for the last time A stillness fallen over the wild heart  The sun broke the autumn skies today when he heard  The last warm touch of a golden dawn for... Continue Reading →


The Turning

Under the vaulted skies of gray A soft mist to fall upon the quiet forest Between the autumn rains a stillness settles in the respite Broken here and there by the haunting caw of a lone crow Along the river the skeletal stands of deciduous trees  Black cottonwoods and broad maples barren before the coming... Continue Reading →


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