Wind Song

I have heard the storms sing songs in praise of the violence of the world In the great cacophonous voice of wind and rain The dark boiling skies that turn the heavens black The young birch trees bow before the power of the winds Ten thousand shimmering golden leaves falling before the currents of air... Continue Reading →


The Edge of Grace

The grace of the world is not always gentle A creeping veil of evening fog A cloak of silver falls upon the resplendent amber of the river valley in a delicate embrace The white radiance of the waxing moon A frozen droplet set in the cold blue of the clear autumn sky  To "rest in... Continue Reading →

Persistence of the Glory

Traveling a great black fissure cut through the landscape On either side the sprawling fallowed fields of dark soil  In the distance the little farmhouses sit triumphant "Subjected earth" But the glittering radiance of the autumn morning  A delicate drifting fog to scatter the dancing golden rays into countless airborne jewels Deep evergreen hills in the distance... Continue Reading →

The Song of Autumn

A short song on the many-sided splendor of an autumn afternoon. Composed in the moment in the manner of the ancient Taoist and Zen poets, a telling to bring to language the splendor of the wild earth Great black sails set loose for the currents of the sky A rolling oceanic vault of ten thousand... Continue Reading →

On the Ash of Memories

I was perusing Facebook last night as I am wont to do at times and came across a post published by the Glacier National Park Facebook page reporting that the Sperry Chalet had been lost due to the march of the Sprague wildfire in the mountains of Glacier National Park. It is well into wildfire... Continue Reading →


I. In the park near my home there is a young tree On it are dozens of sets of initials etched into its trunk The manifestations of summer loves pining to grasp the eternal In the life of the cold bark II. The life of this tree will undoubtedly surpass the loves inscribed upon it... Continue Reading →

The Inhuman Wisdom and the Great River

I have not, until recently, lived in an area where the rivers were a dominant feature of the landscape. Further west in Washington state the landscapes are dominated by great forests. Mysterious and magical places where great Douglas firs and western red cedars are the norm. Great forest floors of moss and fern. There is... Continue Reading →

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